Five Things you need to know before exporting fresh produce to Qatar

  1. Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the import regulations for fresh produce in Qatar, which are set by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). This includes compliance with food safety standards and labeling requirements.
  2. Certifications: Your produce must meet the relevant certifications, including GlobalGAP, Organic, and others as required by the MME.
  3. Logistics: Ensure that you have a reliable logistics partner who can handle the transportation and storage of your produce to meet the required quality and freshness standards.
  4. Market demand: Research the market demand for your specific produce in Qatar and understand the local competition. This will help you make informed decisions on what to export and how to price your products.
  5. Documentation: Obtain all necessary documentation, such as a phytosanitary certificate, health certificate, and invoice, to ensure that your shipment can pass through customs smoothly.

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